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Lana Domingo

Lana C. Brooks is an accomplished cosmetologist of irrefutable style, boundless creativity and flawless symmetry. Her qualifications include over 20 years in the Beauty Industry specializing in precision cutting.

Having a natural gift and flair for the industry, Lana polished her skills at L.E. Rabouin Vocational High School of New Orleans, Louisiana. Incorporating her background in nail sculpturing and make-up artistry, she has created advanced techniques while continuing her education throughout her years in the profession.

An active proprietor of Styles of Virtue Salon, Lana persevered after the unfortunate arrival of Hurricane Katrina that ravished the city but not her spirit. With a loyal and vastly disbursed clientele, Lana revamped her business and created anew "Creations-N-Motion" . This idea catapulted her to " Get in Motion " especially in the area of travel. Dedicated to her craft, this farsighted move allowed her to disburse her gift and talents in cosmetology in Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans, and the surrounding metropolitan areas.

Featured in Style Q magazines and, she has set the mark for immense success and matchless creative ideas. Encapsulated in her motto…." Creations-N-Motion, where creative ideas never stand still ", is the relevant core of who she is. Capturing the spirit of her essence she advises:

‘Change isn't always easy, sometimes it's difficult. Change at some point in life is necessary and if not embraced, could mean stagnation. Change is good, change is progress and believe it or not, it's inevitable. So CHANGE, before change CHANGES you!…..Lana

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