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Entrepreneurs welcome to your future!!! The future of networking is evolving. Are you ready? Join Us!

Creations-N-Motion is setting the standard in professionalism by incorporating the best in the industry (artists of all kinds ) and providing them to the client in a one-stop shop.

Take a moment and review the following client/artist membership plans. For your convenience, we've detailed the benefits of each membership. To join fill out the registrations form below or contact us at 972-757-7344.

Benefits with Artist Membership

      1. Magazine Ads*
      2. Web Page
      3. Business Cards and more!

Benefits with a Client Membership

      1. Instant Cash on New Client Referrals
      2. Free Birthday Gift (service of choice)*
      3. CNM car logo and much more

*most membership packages


 Artists have a shared and non-shared package  

Shared package - Each Artist receives $7 dollars per ad referral and $15 per Artist referral this is artist to artist agreement. (Agreement must be sign for this package)  

Non-shared artist on ads for the CIM magazine  must be from their own advertisement. (artist to artist agreement signed)


Name (first and last)

City and State

Email Address

Type of Artist

Daytime Phone Number




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